Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blog: Friends, Fallingwater, and New Camera!

First of all, I'll start with Takeru's last show with his band Humans Etcetera at 123 Pleasant Street!  We went to eat at Black Bear first.  I love how they give you a toy to take to your table before they bring your food out

Also this month, a few fun times with friends, and an impromptu little get together that happened on a Sunday night!  It was a small group of people, but we had at least one person from Kuwait, Korea, China, Cuba, Japan, and of course America.  I think I got all of the countries...  Anyway, it's really cool and interesting to have such a diverse friend group!

Takeru had a trip that he could go on for extra credit for a class and I (before I knew exactly where it was) decided that I wanted to go!  It turned out to be a trip to tour Fallingwater, designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and I've been wanting to go there forever!  Apparently he even designed Tokyo Station!  That explains the whole little Japanese book section in the gift shop, and the Japanese woodblock prints up on some of the walls.  So I guess now I've been to two of his creations!  The food was super good, though a bit pricey.  The money went to helping the conservation and upkeep of this place though, so it was worth it!

Sooooo, on Sunday, I went to go see Arabian Nights at WVU (which was amazing!!) and after that, my friend Ashley wanted me to hang out with her.  She came to pick me up, and halfway to her boyfriend's place, said she wanted to stop there cuz he had snacks, and I was just so excited for food that I didn't think anything of it (except SNACKS YAY!)  I wasn't paying attention to where we were even going.  I meant to ask her what she wanted to do and forgot to.  So we got there and I saw cupcakes and went straight for them before they were sprinkled, and a few other friends were there too, for D&D, I assumed.  Rachel was playing with Ashley's video camera and turned it on and was zooming in on my face as I was shoving cupcakes in my mouth, when Ashley said to me that she lied to me about hanging out......she said this was a get together specifically for me!  Then she pulled out a big box, and I think that's when I finally realized what was going on....apparently a bunch of my friends got together to get me a new camera!!! A step up from my old one, AND it came with all kinds of accessories, including a remote and tripod! (AKA best selfies and outfit pictures coming up!)  It took a great act of friendship to outdo all the negativity that has been growing inside me (do to various reasons, but mostly the stolen camera) since spring break ended ♡ Thank you so much!!!! 

Of course, I had to test it out and play with it a little bit, so I grabbed all the nearest cuties and made them my models!

Birdie kisses!

There's an attachable telephoto zoom lens thing, and if you aren't zoomed in enough, apparently it causes this affect....I kind liked it here though

With the amount of flower pictures I have taken lately, I'm worried my blog will become completely dedicated to flowers XD Also, I'm still working on the last few Japan posts, and I have some fun plans for this summer!  I'm super excited for everything I want to try to do this summer, especially since I know I can take pictures and blog about it!  Now I just need to get through this mountain of homework I've been putting off and get done with this semester!!

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