Monday, April 4, 2016

Diary: Stolen Camera

Uggggh, I feel like so many of my posts (besides Japan stuff) have been so negative, but I just can't seem to escape the negativity lately...

On Sunday, April 2nd at the Morgantown, WV waterfront (Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park) between 9am and 12pm, my Nikon D3200 was stolen.

Here's what I posted on Facebook:
"Well I took some really cool pictures of the cherry blossoms with snow at the waterfront today, and I guess no one will ever see them because my camera was stolen. I don't even know what to do now. I don't have the money to get a new one. I take my camera with me almost everywhere, and I need it for my blog, which has been my main hobby lately. I would never even think to do something like this to someone else, so why does something like this happen to me? At least I got some of my Japan pictures and cherry blossom pictures from earlier this week off of it for my blog...but I lost all of the other pictures on my memory card. I guess I need to stop being so naive and trusting of people. I really would like to see the best in people and the good in the world, but that's getting harder and harder for me everyday."

Here's what happened: 
I was modeling for a photo shoot with two other models and a photographer, and we left all of our stuff in a pile just out of eyesight of our shooting location, but I looked back often to see if it was all still there.  The photographer left her camera bag on a bench, separate from our pile, and I didn't think about that area.  I brought my camera over before we were shooting to take some pictures, and I think I accidentally put my own camera in her bag, which was also stolen.  I don't remember doing that, but it makes the most sense.  My camera bag and all of our purses and wallets and money was untouched in the big pile.  Why would they open my camera bag, take out my camera, then go to the bench where her stuff was and take her almost empty camera bag and not take anything else of value?

I lost most of my Japan pictures and some of my recent cherry blossom pictures.  After the rest of my Japan posts and one or two about Morgantown's cherry blossoms, I don't have any more pictures and can't take anymore, except maybe cell phone pictures.  Half of my motivation for blogging is the fun and artistry of taking the photos.  It's the only artistic thing I've been motivated to do for a while, and now I don't know when or how I can continue.

I feel completely stuck, lost, and hopeless right now.  I should be doing homework right now and I'm not.  I'm finding it difficult to care about what I need to do.

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