Wednesday, May 18, 2016

All the Japanese Kit Kat Flavors I Found!

Everytime I go to Japan, it's my mission to try every Kit Kat flavor that is available!  Here are the ones I was able to get my hands on this time around

Pancake Kit Kat!
These ones were for Easter, and they taste like maple syrup

Sakura-Matcha Kit Kat! 桜抹茶
I found out recently that apparently these are only available in the big airports in Japan!  I got lucky with this find!  While me and Takeru's mom were waiting in line to check in at Narita airport before leaving Japan, I sent him over to a gift shop because I saw that they had Kit Kats, but I didn't know what kind.  When he told me the flavors, of course I got excited that I could add this to my sakura snack list also!  I read online that this summer they will have another airport exclusive melon-cheese flavored Kit Kat, and I told my friend Tomo who will be visiting America at the end of this summer to get me some on her way! XD Anyway, as for the way the sakura-matcha Kit Kats flavor- I was expecting a strong matcha flavor, similar to the original matcha Kit Kats, but it's actually more of the sakura flavor with a light matcha after taste! I was happy about that.  These are up there in my top favorites along with cheesecake, cookies and cream, and raspberry (all 3 flavors I tried my first time in Japan, so unfortunately I don't think I still have pictures)

Beni Imo Kit Kat! 紅いも
Beni imo is a purple sweet potato, common in Okinawa.  I got these from the Yunessun gift shop.  They didn't really have that strong of a beni imo flavor unfortunately, but still good!

Sake Kit Kats! 日本酒
These were at the top of my want-to-try list!  I'm so glad I was able to find these last minute in Narita Airport.  They even smell and have a bit of an actual alcohol taste!

And here's all of them! (plus regular matcha flavor)

I want to try more!! But not wasabi....

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