Thursday, May 12, 2016

Blog: Photo Shoot with Yenra: Behind the Scenes

I just moved and have been busy unpacking and setting things up, so I've been waiting to post about this! I don't know where to even begin! Ken came up to meet Arianna and me for a day of photo shooting in WV.  We started out by getting some snacks, then trying to find a shooting spot near Cheat Lake.  We got a little lost at first, so Ken used his trick that hasn't failed him yet- finding a big green spot on Google Maps!  So we went there, and it was right near the border of WV and Pennsylvania.  A lady came up to us and warned us that the area was a private area (not according to Google but there were a few private residences.)  Though, after she talked to us a little bit, she said it was ok for us to stay there.  I'm sure she has to shoo away people getting rowdy and trying to drink and be crazy near the lake, but she realized that's not what we were after.  We found a really pretty forest area near there, and even a mini waterfall!  I got lots of nice nature pictures, and Ken even let me try out some of his lenses on my camera!  After that, we went back to Morgantown and shot around the city a little bit.  We were together for around 10 hours and still had ideas and outfit changes left.  If we all weren't so tired we could have easily kept going!

I guess I'll start out with a couple of teasers from Ken's behind the scenes shots! Then, I'll post the best final ones.  After that I'll make a post with my behind the scenes shots, and then the photos I took!

And here's Ken's website to see all of his awesome photography!
And a link to Arianna's blog post

And that's all you get for today!

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