Friday, June 3, 2016

Blog: Grungy Photo Shoot with Cleo - Behind the Scenes and Sneak Peak

Omgggg, I had such an amazing shoot yesterday with Cleo's Photography

She asked me for ideas of what we could do for our shoot, and I for once, came up with a blank. We already knew what location we wanted. I have a closet full of awesome cute dresses, which is my usual go-to when I want to look really good for something, but I've already done a lot of that kind of style, though I do love it. But it's my main style, and as a model, I'll have to make many different styles look good! I think I nailed it ;D

First of all, my makeup and hair were transformed by Doll Face. The makeup was smokier and had more contouring than I ever do on my own. It's always fun to see what someone who doesn't do makeup on your face everyday, and has a different style and more experience can do! It's truly amazing, the magic of makeup. Here, I will dump a bunch of selfies I took XD

Halfway through straightening my hair...

Cleo did the styling, and the wardrobe was made up of a mixture of her's, mine, and my boyfriend's clothing (his everyday style is basically the boy version of what we were going for) XD It was fun to wear such a different style than what I usually wear, because I've always admired this style very much, but was never sure that I could pull it off. I totally could though! Not only was the clothing style super different, but I had to pose in a different way than I ever had to before. I had to do kind of an effortlessly, lazy kind of sexy look. But it wasn't actually effortless for me! Effortless and comfortable ends up with me laughing and doing something stupid or dorky, and I'm used to doing a more cutesy, innocent kind of look when modeling, so I had to do a little bit of acting. This was definitely a good experience booster and portfolio builder for me XD

The location is a place I had seen from afar and had been wanting to check out/shoot at for years. I got many bug bites and we had do do a small amount of hiking and climbing, but it was so worth it! It almost looked like this place was set up with multiple perfect shooting locations. I kind of wish I could have brought my camera to get some good shots of how cool this location was, but since my old camera was stolen during a shoot, I decided to play it safe and leave it behind.

And what you've all been waiting for, the sneak peak!

I will do another post with the other finished pictures once I receive them :D

Bye bye for now <3

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