Saturday, June 11, 2016

Blog: Japan Day 5 Part 1: Vintage Stores in Koenji

I took a little break from my Japan blog posts because of the bunch of modeling I've been up to lately, and I didn't have wifi at home, but I do now! =D


On this day, we were really feeling the time limit start to affect what we wanted to do =/  I'm going to try to post links to the stores' websites/Instagram pages if I follow or can find them, sort of like a Koenji shopping guide!

We began by trying a type of ramen made with milk that is one of Takeru's favorites at a place called Ramen Manpuku (ラーメン万福).  Actually the first message he ever sent me on Line was a picture of this ramen and him telling me about it XD So I was really excited to finally try it (even though it sounded so strange).  It was so good!  I think it's my favorite ramen so far.

I just did a google search of this place to see if they had a website or anything (they do not) and found that RocketNews24 (really cool blog/news about Japan) did an article about it!  I'm surprised since I wasn't able to find out much about it online, and according to Takeru, it's not a super popular place except for with ramen fanatics.

[RocketNews Article]

After we ate, we rushed through the vintage clothing stores.  We spent some time in the first store called Comyu, and talked to the girl who works there, and she goes to the school that I want to go to!  The store is so cute and has a lot of Gunne Sax dresses!

[Facebook] [Website]

Then this store I follow on Instagram! I didn't even realize when I went there until after XD I can't find if they have a website though...


And here's another one that I didn't realize I followed on Instagram already when I went inside.  They had sooooo many Gunne Sax dresses in this one!  It's called Aileen by GrogGrog

[Instagram] [Website]

This one I couldn't find a website for, but they have a Facebook page.  It's so bright and colorful!


This one is called Tatouage by Zool.  I didn't get a chance to go inside unfortunately DX But you guys better believe next time/when I live in Tokyo, I'm gonna explore and blog so hard and in detail about everything I can find here!


And last but not least, the shop I had been planning to go to ever since I discovered it by accident on Instagram a while ago, Fizz! It's actually right above Tatouage. They have a huge, beautiful selection of Gunne Sax dresses!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy any at that time.  They were pricier ones, but for good reason as they were the nicest dresses, good condition, and well taken care of!  I will definitely be visiting this store in the future :D

[Instagram] [Website]

Ok, next post from spring break will be a few more random pictures from Koenji and around Tokyo, and my love hotel trip ;D Also, be expecting my Look of the Day post from my time in Japan

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