Sunday, June 19, 2016

Blog: Japan Day 5 Part 2: Shinjuku Love Hotel

Ok, I want to hurry up and post this post so I can tell you guys about our trip to Yunessun on the last day!


After our rushed exploration of Koenji, we left and headed to Shinjuku

These were the only cherry blossoms in bloom at that time DX

I love seeing lolitas randomly around <3
And we went to a love hotel called Yuurakuzen 遊楽膳 ♡❤♡❤♡
I wanted to try this one because it has Japanese style rooms

This is where you pick your room.  You don't have to deal with people at all, so maximum privacy!

The ceiling was really pretty and had mirrors
Tea, coffee, and a hot water boiler

I took more pictures of the room and bathroom and stuff, but they are on the memory card in my old camera that was stolen :( After that, we left and went to get ramen near Takeru's house

I have no idea what this building actually is, but it looks like a bright rainbow light up castle 

Of course everyone loves these super cute Hello Kitty construction cone thingies.  I love the cuteness in everyday things in Japan

And I found the website for the restaurant called Haruki 春樹)! [link here]

I love trying to add as many links for the places I go so that you guys can try all of the amazing things that made me fall in love with Japan.  I wish I had done more for my earlier blog posts from my first time in Japan, but I guess it's natural to get better and more organized at blogging with time :)

Next and last of my spring break Japan trip will be about our trip to Yunessun!!


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