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Blog: Japan Day 6: Yunessun!

My last post from my spring break trip to Japan! I'll be glad to have finally shared everything I did, but also sad that I don't have anymore until next time I'm in Japan D= I do have one more mini post from when we got back to Tokyo, and a few posts about food and things I got during my trip planned though!  And if I can get my old computer to stay on long enough, I have many things from my study abroad 2 years ago I haven't yet posted yet, if you guys would like to see that even though it's from a while ago :)


This is about our trip to Yunessun, which is like a combination of Japan's public bath houses and an amusement park!  They have many different baths that have different skin benefits, and are just plain fun! I got to bathe in my 3 favorite drinks (coffee, green tea, and wine)!  There is a more traditional Japanese bath area where you're naked and it's separated by sex.  I say this later on in this post, but just a heads up, the English website isn't as up-to-date as the Japanese one! They have one special bath that often changes, and it's not listen on the English one.

[Japanese Website] [English Website] [Instagram]


We left Tokyo and went to Atami to stay with Takeru's aunt for the rest of the night on the 5th day!  This was the view from right in front of Atami Castle(熱海城) on the way there. I was soooo tired and had just fallen asleep by the time we got here, but of course I couldn't pass up the chance to take pictures!  Since it was dark, it was hard to get non-blurry ones.  Takeru took the first one, and I somehow miraculously by accident got the second one.  I have no idea how it turned out so bright and clear XD I still have a lot to learn about photography...

We made it to his aunt's house, then went to bed.  The next day, we got up early to shower/bathe before going to Yunessun (and spend the day in baths anyway XD). It was nice because I got to talk to his aunt a lot (mostly listen, and surprisingly understand a lot of her Japanese) one-on-one and work on shyness from speaking Japanese and being naked in a shared bath.  I was soooo nervous, but I had been in a bathhouse in Japan before during my study abroad, and it was only me and his aunt.

This was the view from her apartment balcony!

After that, we left for Yunessun! This was from a rest stop on the way there. Such a pretty view!

The conbini right by Yunessun's entrance had a few cats lurking around trying to steal our food XD

I got a new bathing suit here, and they had an awesome gift shop where I got some of my fancy flavored Kit Kats, sakura flavored things, and this awesome dead skin remover face stuff, that I'll do a review of soon because it's so amazing!  I also got a waterproof phone case here, so all of these pictures are taken with my phone, not my good camera.  Unfortunately that means the photo quality isn't very good from here on X(

As soon as you walk in, they take a picture of you that you can choose to buy.  Once you're checked in, the arm band with your locker key on it is scanned every time you buy something so you don't have to carry your money around with you!  You just pay for everything all together at the end.

This is what you see after you check in, pass the swimsuit rental/shop, and get your picture taken!  It's the kid's swimming pool area, and there's a little food stand.  I don't think I even saw the whole entire place while I was there because the website said there were a few different food places, and a food court.

The first bath I wanted to try was the ramen bath!  I think it was a special limited time thing, because it isn't on the website.  Actually, I think the website might not have been updated in a while.  No wait, that's just the English website! I guess they update that one less frequently XD Here's Yunessun's Japanese website! I just saw that they have a honey bath instead of ramen now! I guess they change that one often? Here's their Instagram page also!

Not only did I eat ramen every day during this trip, I even bathed in it!

Then we went into the coffee bath!

....and sake bath!  The tiny spout above the water spout was dripping out the sake to mix with the water, and I tasted's real! XD I don't think you're supposed to taste it though...

...and wine bath! There were so many people that I didn't really get a good photo though

...and green tea bath!

And there's even a cave and a slide!

These are called "Doctor Fish". Apparently they like to eat the dead skin off of your feet? They were super tickly!

Places I didn't get pictures of but checked out include a nap/rest area, "aroma room", and a warm stone relaxing room.

Then we went our separate ways to go to the naked part of the baths...I was soooo nervous to be alone, and I told Takeru that we should meet up in exactly a half hour!  I actually liked it so much, that he was done, waiting for me and got worried so he sent someone in to check on me XD  There was an outside area, and it was quite cold that day, but the baths were of course really warm.  It even started to snow a little bit while I was soaking in the milky white-colored collagen bath, which was my favorite.  Obviously, I couldn't take pictures in this area, but I'm going to borrow their Instagram picture of the collagen bath so you guys can see it!  It would have been nice to have a female friend with me, and I think some of the girls there were surprised to see a foreigner by herself XD

I had so much fun!!  I definitely want to go back here many times when I'm in Japan.  I totally plan to take my friends who come to visit me here too ;D


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