Friday, July 22, 2016

Blog: Pokemon Go!

Originally I didn't particularly plan to get the game, since my past Pokemoning was just watching my cousin play when I was little, and I'm not much of a gamer, I get frustrated and give up too easily, so watching someone else play is the best!  But, after seeing my friends play and learning that you have to go outside to actually chase the Pokemon, and walk to level up and hatch eggs (I've been trying really hard to exercise more) and find Pokestops to get items, I figured I would give it a try! I love it!!! Though it's still super buggy which gets to be really annoying...but I've run into friends while playing, made a few new acquaintances, and I've been walking a lot more everyday! So I've been enjoying my ride on this bandwagon so far XD

Here's just a few fun screenshots I took!

My best Pokemon so far <3
WVU's campus is a goldmine!
My favorite cafe is a Pokestop!

From the one time I briefly owned a gym...
And then here are just cute screenshots of Pokemon I took

I'm sooo excited for the future of this game! I rarely get so excited for games. I have motivation to exercise and be healthy already from watching Taylor R's videos, and from my own dream of modeling in Japan possibly becoming a reality soon. But it's always been really hard for me to STAY motivated to do anything, even the things I enjoy or want so badly to achieve. This game is just enough extra motivation I think to keep exercising by walking!

This game is actually the reason I haven't been blogging so much lately though X( It's good because I've been going outside and working on one of my big goals for this summer (losing weight, lost 3 pounds so far!) but blogging often was also a goal, so I gotta get to work on that!

Here are some really pretty pictures I took while Pokehunting the other day

Look at all of the people hanging around the Pokestops in Morgantown!

Takeru had to wait for the Japan release (yesterday) of Pokemon even though he's in the US because they just released it for his kind of phone on the same day XD Yay Pokemon hunting dates!! <3


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