Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Blog: Happy 4th of July!!

Hello! <3 So I realized that my American 4th of July celebrations are coming to an end since I'll be living in Japan!  I've never been the super passionately patriotic type, but I have a lot of good memories celebrating this holiday.

First of all, a few pictures to show my makeup and part of my outfit from the day

Top is Tralala with a Forever21 top layered over it.

We went to meet some friends of Takeru's for dinner (which was super yummy Japanese food and cake)

 Then after that, we had our own little mini celebration with sparklers I found from years ago XD It was raining heavily all day, so I thought the fireworks were cancelled, but I think they actually weren't X( Oh well....we still had fun!

After we ran out of sparklers, we played with his lighter

Can you tell what he drew?? it's Doraemon!

I'm a kitty <3

Blurry, but I like it anyway XD
And today my friend Matt just got back from his study abroad in Japan! HE GOT ME THE NEW HOKKAIDO MELON CHEESE KIT KATS THAT YOU CAN ONLY GET IN MAJOR JAPANESE AIRPORTS!! I might do another Kit Kat post with just all of the Kit Kats I've ever tried, like a collection, and update it when there's a new one I try! XD

Bye bye ~<3

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