Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss in Lemonshine and Hydrating Body Lotion in Rose

Yaaaayyyyy Victoria's Secret sales!! XD One of my favorite things about the end of the Christmas and summer seasons is the super amazing Victoria's Secret sales!


Anyway, first is the lip gloss! It's just a typical lip gloss, like the ones everyone loved in middle/high school. It's a bit sticky and thick, and I haven't really been into lip gloss for years, but it smells and tastes just like a lemon pound cake! I like it when I'm craving sweets, but don't want to actually eat them XD I like that it looks bright yellow and has lots of gold glitter, but the color doesn't show up on lips. Just clear, sweet flavored sparkles. Also, I love the cute little key chain, and it was on sale for only $2! (originally $12)

Then, I saw this lotion a few months ago when I was window shopping at Victoria's Secret from this I guess, fairly new line of theirs called Hydrating Body Lotion Cotton Moisture Complex.  I think they used to use this cotton complex formula thing with their Pink lotions, then they quit doing it, and I think cutting that ingredient changed it, so I didn't really like it as much anymore. I was super excited to see that they brought it back! I like lotions for more than just smell; I want them to make my skin feel nice, and this stuff definitely does that! The only one in this line that is on sale is the rose scent (which was my favorite and the one I've been wanting to get) but that's because it's being discontinued. Luckily it always takes me forever to get through a bottle of lotion XD If I didn't really need to save money now, I would have gotten two. The only other amazing lotion I've ever found and loved was from Laline. Anyway, it's originally $18, but was on sale for 75% off and ended up being only $4.20!


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