Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Too Faced Lipstick in Unicorn Tears

I don't actually own this (yet) but my lovely friend let me play with hers XD


It looks light blue in the container, but it turns to a sheer glittery lilac on the lips! Or maybe it turns pink and the glitter is blue, so far away it blends to lilac



A more far-away pic wearing it taken by Ashley!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Diary: Fun Night and Vlog?


I want to write a post about two nights ago, even though I didn't take any pictures, it was really fun!

Me and Takeru both are very stressed and having different issues with getting ready for school coming up, so we went for a Pokemon hunt at like 2am. We stopped at Sheetz to get jalapeno poppers and pepperoni rolls because we both love them, and they don't exist in Japan as far as we know.  After that, we walked the trail and went to this one area that has three Pokestops that ALWAYS have lures on them (close to water so easy Magikarp farming) and stayed there from like 3am until almost 5am. We caught so much! There was also a meteor shower going on (for a few days), and I saw a really big one, the biggest I've ever seen! It was so bright! Then when we were walking back, there was a small thing that looked like a star moving really slowly...maybe too slow to be a meteor? It would light up for a few seconds and then disappear for a few seconds, and it was sort of irregular. It definitely wasn't a plane because of the irregularity and it looked exactly like a star. Maybe a ufo? Haha, it was interesting XD After we got home, we used one of  my Lush bath bombs and took a nice bath.


So I tried out making a vlog recently....I just hated the way my face looked while I was talking DX Maybe I'll feel more confident when I get closer to my weight loss goal? Idk, weight wasn't the thing I thought looked bad, but I can't really change the way I look when I talk, so maybe fixing what I can fix will make me not think about that so much XD Also, there isn't a whole lot for me to vlog about at this time. If I finally do start, they will be few and far between at first. I'll only post if I have a really interesting idea, or if I travel or do something really cool, or maybe even try doing a lookbook and closet tour sort of thing.  Actually, I might have a few clips from my first time in Japan that I could make into something. Also when Arianna comes back into town, she'll maybe do video stuff with me =) She has a little more experience than I do at least. I know that I definitely want to do vlogging in Japan, because everything is new, fun, and interesting for me there, so I need to at least learn how it works while I'm here!


I'm a mix of excited for school (reason to dress up cute and I'll see all of my friends again) and dreading it (having to figure out my schedule, financial aid, homework, talking with advisers and teachers, plus working a lot this semester to save money, and getting ready to graduate). I'm going to try to finish a lot of review posts now since I won't have as much time to blog.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Review: My Lush Stuff Finally Came!

My amazing boyfriend got me a few things from Lush for my birthday because I have been dying to have a nice Lush bath for so long! I just opened everything, took pictures, and now it's just sitting in a basket next to me because it smells so good and is like an air freshener XD


I had heard many good things about Lush and seen pictures online of all of the pretty things you could get there, but I first got hooked on Lush products while I was studying abroad in Japan. There were a few Lush stores around Nagoya; one of them in the Sakae train station where I spent a lot of time lost/shopping. I remember that I could always remember where it was by following my nose. Seriously, that train station was a HUGE underground maze with a shopping mall thrown in and you could smell Lush from pretty far away. Japan is super into bath culture so the bathtubs there are usually really big and deep. I've always loved baths/showers that turn into baths, over just showers, so I was in heaven there with my giant bathtub and Lush so easily accessible XD Unfortunately, coming back to WV, the nearest Lush is in PA. I can always order online of course, but the face masks you can only get in-store because they need to stay refrigerated. I wanna try the Rosy Cheeks one so bad! Plus, it's always more fun to actually shop in the store rather than online.

Their packing peanuts dissolve in water!

Anyway, I ordered the Sex Bomb, Twilight, and Blackberry bath bombs, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, and it came with a small sample of Yellow Fun

Here are the bath bombs

Rose Jam Bubbleroon
I absolutely love everything rose scented

It got a little melty...

Yellow Fun sample
It has the smell of Play-doh mixed with vanilla, and the same texture as Play-doh. This isn't something I ever particularly planned to try from Lush, so it's interesting to get it as a sample.

I made it into a heart

Everything of course smells amazing and I can't wait to try it! If I can, later I'll post pictures of what they look like when I use them


Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: I Love Nail Polish ILNP in Champagne Blush

I have been wanting to try this brand for the longest time, and Ashley got me this for my birthday! It's my first ever holographic nail polish.


Indoor lighting

In the sunlight

Here it is on my nails, in the sun and with flash

The pictures of this stuff are so pretty! Serious glitter-porn. I love how it also has a pale champagne-gold kind of metallic shine (you can see it in the second to last picture) along with the holographic glitter! It's also smooth, so no sandy glitter feeling


Blog: Birthday Adventures!

I was feeling kind of meh about my birthday because every year my friends are always busy or out of town, or I'm moving or getting ready to move, or something is going on that I never see anyone or really do anything fun, and it's been really getting to me.  I mean, I totally understand there are important things that people need to do, but sometimes I wish I was always the most important thing on my birthday X( I never really have a big party or anything. Last year I sort of had a party thrown for me by my friend Chris and we went swimming, but most of my friends couldn't come, so it was only me and two others. It was still fun though!


At little after midnight when it officially became my birthday, Takeru ordered me pizza from Papa John's! Good start to my birthday <3

I spent the first part of my birthday with Takeru, pizza, and cuddling, but he had a final exam to study for and work, so he couldn't spend the whole day with me. Later, Ashley came over with her bird, Callie, and gave me a present (I'll talk about presents later XD) and we went Pokehunting around town. Callie became my model (and tried to destroy things) when I found pretty flowers

 After that, we went to Olive Garden with two more friends and I got free cake for dessert! I took pictures of it cuz food porn XD Lasagna, chocolate mousse cake, and caramel lasagna

Then the next day, I had a few drinks at the Brew Pub with Katie, and we went Pokehunting for a while

Ok, now for presents! =D From my mom, I got the EOS Candy Brown contacts from Pinky Paradise, from Ashley, I got ILNP nail polish in Champagne Blush, and from Takeru Lush bath bombs (which haven't come in the mail yet) and I'll do reviews of everything I got eventually =D

Not a bad birthday this year =)


Friday, August 5, 2016

Blog: Little Peep Birb Floof

Ashley was taking care of a cute little baby sparrow for 2 weeks who unfortunately has already passed away :( Ashley has handled and has experience with birds, so she knew how to feed him and care for him. She gave him little bits of wet cat food with tweezers, and he always opened his little beak up for it. He was even just starting to fly a little bit. We think he was the runt of the nest and may have had some sort of health issues, which is why the parents probably abandoned him. Nature is so cruel DX At least I got to meet him, take some really cute pictures, and watch while Ashley fed him.


His "FEED ME" face

He fell from his nest in our friend Rachel's attic. Rachel found another one, but apparently it's already flying and a lot bigger than him, and she's already released it. At least Ashley's Little Peep got to know a loving home for his short little life.

Blog: Showing Jenny Morgantown

Hello! Soooo recently my sister came to visit me in Morgantown! I'm a little behind on posts.... DX


First of all what we wore! We went to Salvation Army and Goodwill for a bit of  treasure hunting, so most of what we're wearing is new stuff from there

Then we went to get bubble tea at the Lavender Cafe, and Blue Moose for coffee

And we played Pokemon Go, and I showed her around town a bit.

 We'll have more adventures coming up!