Monday, August 8, 2016

Blog: Birthday Adventures!

I was feeling kind of meh about my birthday because every year my friends are always busy or out of town, or I'm moving or getting ready to move, or something is going on that I never see anyone or really do anything fun, and it's been really getting to me.  I mean, I totally understand there are important things that people need to do, but sometimes I wish I was always the most important thing on my birthday X( I never really have a big party or anything. Last year I sort of had a party thrown for me by my friend Chris and we went swimming, but most of my friends couldn't come, so it was only me and two others. It was still fun though!


At little after midnight when it officially became my birthday, Takeru ordered me pizza from Papa John's! Good start to my birthday <3

I spent the first part of my birthday with Takeru, pizza, and cuddling, but he had a final exam to study for and work, so he couldn't spend the whole day with me. Later, Ashley came over with her bird, Callie, and gave me a present (I'll talk about presents later XD) and we went Pokehunting around town. Callie became my model (and tried to destroy things) when I found pretty flowers

 After that, we went to Olive Garden with two more friends and I got free cake for dessert! I took pictures of it cuz food porn XD Lasagna, chocolate mousse cake, and caramel lasagna

Then the next day, I had a few drinks at the Brew Pub with Katie, and we went Pokehunting for a while

Ok, now for presents! =D From my mom, I got the EOS Candy Brown contacts from Pinky Paradise, from Ashley, I got ILNP nail polish in Champagne Blush, and from Takeru Lush bath bombs (which haven't come in the mail yet) and I'll do reviews of everything I got eventually =D

Not a bad birthday this year =)


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