Friday, August 5, 2016

Blog: Little Peep Birb Floof

Ashley was taking care of a cute little baby sparrow for 2 weeks who unfortunately has already passed away :( Ashley has handled and has experience with birds, so she knew how to feed him and care for him. She gave him little bits of wet cat food with tweezers, and he always opened his little beak up for it. He was even just starting to fly a little bit. We think he was the runt of the nest and may have had some sort of health issues, which is why the parents probably abandoned him. Nature is so cruel DX At least I got to meet him, take some really cute pictures, and watch while Ashley fed him.


His "FEED ME" face

He fell from his nest in our friend Rachel's attic. Rachel found another one, but apparently it's already flying and a lot bigger than him, and she's already released it. At least Ashley's Little Peep got to know a loving home for his short little life.

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