Thursday, August 11, 2016

Review: My Lush Stuff Finally Came!

My amazing boyfriend got me a few things from Lush for my birthday because I have been dying to have a nice Lush bath for so long! I just opened everything, took pictures, and now it's just sitting in a basket next to me because it smells so good and is like an air freshener XD


I had heard many good things about Lush and seen pictures online of all of the pretty things you could get there, but I first got hooked on Lush products while I was studying abroad in Japan. There were a few Lush stores around Nagoya; one of them in the Sakae train station where I spent a lot of time lost/shopping. I remember that I could always remember where it was by following my nose. Seriously, that train station was a HUGE underground maze with a shopping mall thrown in and you could smell Lush from pretty far away. Japan is super into bath culture so the bathtubs there are usually really big and deep. I've always loved baths/showers that turn into baths, over just showers, so I was in heaven there with my giant bathtub and Lush so easily accessible XD Unfortunately, coming back to WV, the nearest Lush is in PA. I can always order online of course, but the face masks you can only get in-store because they need to stay refrigerated. I wanna try the Rosy Cheeks one so bad! Plus, it's always more fun to actually shop in the store rather than online.

Their packing peanuts dissolve in water!

Anyway, I ordered the Sex Bomb, Twilight, and Blackberry bath bombs, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, and it came with a small sample of Yellow Fun

Here are the bath bombs

Rose Jam Bubbleroon
I absolutely love everything rose scented

It got a little melty...

Yellow Fun sample
It has the smell of Play-doh mixed with vanilla, and the same texture as Play-doh. This isn't something I ever particularly planned to try from Lush, so it's interesting to get it as a sample.

I made it into a heart

Everything of course smells amazing and I can't wait to try it! If I can, later I'll post pictures of what they look like when I use them


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