Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Lush in Ross Park Mall

So I think this is the nearest Lush to me unless there's another one in Pittsburgh, but this is the one we ended up at during our Pittsburgh adventures! The only other time I went to the Ross Park Mall was my freshman year when I was briefly a fashion major, we took a trip here. This was actually the first Lush store I ever saw, but I knew nothing about it at that time.


The main reason I wanted to go to Lush was because of the Rosy Cheeks mask I've been wanting to try! I LOVE rose anything, and the other Lush masks I've tried before were awesome. But, the masks can only be bought in store because they need to be kept refrigerated

Then of course I wanted more stuff from Lush because I can't get only one bath bomb! Takeru said he wanted to see a really sparkly one, since I'd been going for the really colorful ones, or ones I'd already tried and wanted to show him. My first thought was Dragon's Egg, since I used that one before and it was an explosion of gold sparkles, and a citrusy scent I thought he might like, but they were out. So I asked the (awesome) lady (with pink hair, lavender lips, who recognized that my phone case was from Liz Lisa and asked about where I got it XD) what she recommended as far as glittery bath bombs go. First she said Twilight, which I still have waiting for me at home in my bathroom, and then Frozen which I'm reading about online now, and it also has rose oil in it! It doesn't right away smell very rosy, but maybe it will in the water. It does smell a little bit floral though

Then he also got me the Milky Bath bubble bar! It smells sort of like citrusy laundry detergent, but I mean that in the best way possible. Like really refreshing and clean smelling. The tip of it has silver glitter. Unfortunatly, it got a little banged up on the journey back

I might start to try to do separate posts with pictures of Lush products in use, if I can remember at the time I use them XD


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