Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blog: Cheat River Trip with Misaki

Ahhhh so many posts I'm behind on D= Stupid school getting in the way of fun... Anyway, this summer day was so much fun! I better post it before it gets too cold outside XD


My friend Misaki was allowed to invite one friend to come with her to her host family's Labor Day Cheat River picnic, so she asked me!

We wandered around the lake and took pictures of each other, nature, and wildlife.  We found a frog, a butterfly, buckeyes, wild flowers, maybe a tomato plant, tadpoles, and a turtle and I taught her many new English words

We also played with and helped the kids collect snails and whatever else they found in the water

Then we had food and smores!

And last but not least, they let me DRIVE (not just ride) a four wheeler! I have been on one once before in high school (a horrible, gross, muddy experience that I felt was a required thing to try in WV) but I never thought anyone would let me drive one! I don't even have a driver's license! Anyway, it was fun and no one died, and I'm glad Misaki got to at least have this experience while she's here XD


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