Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Another Pittsburgh Trip

It was another double date, but this time with Misaki and Joe about a month ago!

First we went to the Ross Park Mall so I could show it to Misaki, and in the makeup section of Macy's (I think that was where we were) a Japanese lady who worked there came up to Misaki and started talking to her! She seemed excited to be meeting other Japanese people, and to be able to speak her own language while she was at work. She and another girl who worked there complemented my Japanese inspired style (I was wearing a cute Gunne Sax dress)

After that, there was this fancy chocolate stand, and they were giving out free samples of whatever you wanted to try, and the lady gave a small piece and was advertising how you only need a small piece to fully appreciate the flavor of this chocolate, so I jokingly said, 'Oh, I bet I could still eat the whole thing!' cuz I'm a fatty who loves sweet things too much, and she said that I should just go eat a Snickers...whatever pretentious chocolate lady, I was just trying to make conversation and joke a bit XD It was good, but I didn't want to buy any after that...

Sooooo we went to Sweets From Heaven and got a bunch of candy there! They had all kinda of different gummies, and a whole section with different Japanese candy.

And then we went to the Ramen Bar! Someday I will try the other restaurants on that street...

Gyoza! Their dipping sauce was wrong though DX

Curry ramen
Ajo (garlic) ramen

We did go to a cute Korean bakery in the same area called Pink Box because I always want macarons and they were open late on Sunday XD They actually said that I couldn't take pictures, and I didn't realize, but then they said it was ok.

Then we ended the night with a trip to the Mt. Washington Overlook

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